Not ignoring business with China, but need to be alert: Jaishankar


New Delhi: India has not ignored business with China but needs to define the problems and take caution today, said Minister of External Affairs (MEA) Dr S Jaishankar here on Friday.Speaking at a panel discussion at CII Annual Business Summit, Jaishankar said that as far as national security goes, it is more complex with China. “If peace and tranquility in border areas are disturbed, would you do business with someone who has barged into your turf. If a country has gone back on written agreements and is doing something on our borders, how can we then say that the business world will continue as normal.” But the external affairs minister added, “Business in the country has not ignored China. We need to define the problems, and take caution today.” It may be pointed out here that China has emerged as India’s largest trading partner.He also indirectly hit out at China’s unfair economic practices and leveraging it for political purposes. “A different dimension of the concerns that we harbor is one emanating from a combination of excessive market shares, financial domination and technology tracking. Between them, they have actually allowed for the weaponization of virtually any form of economic activity. We have seen how both exports and imports, access to raw materials or even stability of tourism has been utilized to exert political pressure.”


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