India’s strong institutional mechanism to prevent potential dumping of Chinese goods: Official


New Delhi: India has a strong institutional mechanism to prevent any potential dumping of goods from China following the US’ decision to increase tariffs on key imports such as electric vehicles, an official said Wednesday, adding that Washington’s decision indicates that “no country is willing to put all their eggs in one basket post the Covid-19 pandemic”.The US on Tuesday announced plans to slap new tariffs on Chinese EVs, advanced batteries, solar cells, steel, aluminium and medical equipment.India is also following a policy to ensure the country has domestic capability for manufacturing of EVs, the official said, adding that India’s policy is sound and its is speculative to worry. “We have our DGTR system, our effective anti-dumping system. So, in case somebody wants to dump, we have all the institutional mechanism to look at it. We will do that accordingly,” the official said.The DGTR or Directorate General of Trade Remedies is an investigation arm of the commerce and industry ministry that deals with trade remedies.Emphasising that the US wants to lower dependence on China, the official said: “Everyone has seen post-Covid that it is not a good idea to keep all your eggs in the same basket. And all nations, including the US, want to build their own capacity to facilitate energy transition”.As per a report of economic think-tank GTRI, the escalation of the trade war between the US and China may push Beijing to dump goods in the Indian markets.India, just like any other country, will not depend on one nation alone for imports, especially when mobility is concerned, the official said.“We are also building up our capacities. We are also taking various measures so that India should not have to depend on one country source for important sectors like vehicles,” the official added.


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